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Bowls New Zealand Bowls3Five TELEVISED League

What is the competition? Bowls3Five televised league is a fast format of the game of Lawn Bowls. This looks to showcase the diversity of the sport. The end aim of Bowls3Five is to make bowls visible to a new demographic and grow the sport. The televised league will be showcased alongside social and club leagues with the winners given the opportunity to progress into the televised league.

The prize? The finalists (Top 8) will compete for a share of a NZD $28,000 prize pool.

What is the Bowls3Five format? Bowls3Five in all versions of the game is mixed two-bowl triples. For those non-bowlers out there, this is two bowls delivered per person, female and male players per team and three in a team.  Teams play two sets of five ends, if teams win a set each or each set is drawn teams will play a single end tie-break to decide the winner. Strategy comes into play by with the ‘powerplay’ featuring in all formats.  The powerplay is where you can earn double points for your win.

This summer we will have THREE seperate leagues running for Bowls3Five, click here to read more on the different formats.

*Please note the conditions of play differ for the Bowls3Five LIVE,  INTERCLUB and TWILIGHT leagues, click here to read more information on the Interclub and Twilight versions on the Bowls New Zealand website.

When & where? Games are played consecutively on Tuesday and Wednesday night from the 22nd of October to the 11th of November. Games will be played each night at New Lynn Bowling Club (Auckland). All games of the competition will be televised LIVE on SKY Sport, so if you are outside Auckland head down to your club and make your own crowd!

What time? The three games each night are played consecutively at 6, 7 and 8pm.

Can I come and watch live? Yes, we’d love to see you there. Book a place for free by emailing alex@bowlsnewzealand.co.nz

What is the difference between Bowls3Five televised league and the social or twilight version of the game? The televised league aims to promote a shorter format of traditional bowls to New Zealanders who would like to be involved with our sport but can’t find the time for the longer format of the game. Unlike the Twilight version, the televised league is played in one direction and under timed conditions to keep the game to under one hour (event though the twilight version is not played against a timer, it is still able to be played under an hour).

What is the difference between Bowls3Five televised league and the Interclub competition? The televised league will showcase the new format to a wider audience. Interclub competition will play both directions and does not have timed conditions.

How do I get involved? Click here to find a club near you.  If you are new to the sport and want to ‘test the waters’ then sign up for a twilight session at a participating club.  If you are competitive and interested in the National Interclub check with your club for the selection process is for the club team.