Rockets shooting for a top three finish

Woodend Jets made the whistle trip to Auckland this week playing the Wednesday double header. Their first game up against the inform (but unlucky last night) Point Chevalier Pirates.  The Pirates debuted another of their squad members with a new on green combination, their number one supporter and team manager Jenny Jones (J.J.) coming off the ‘deck’ to play lead for Graham Edwards and the on-fire skip Aiden Takarua.  


After two ends the Woodend Jets looked to be in good form, gaining four shots over the Point Chevalier Pirates. The Pirates made a comeback in the third and fourth ends, meaning both teams were tied heading into the final end of the first set. Na Katae playing the last bowl with the Pirates holding one, Katae failed to knock the Pirate’s shot bowl out of contention finishing the set 5-4 to the Pirates.  


The Pirates sitting on two after end one in the second set, Aiden Takarua drove taking the Pirates from one down to two up giving them four shots over the Jets and putting to rest the Jets hard work.  


Both Pirates and Jets played their power play end simultaneously, a first for the competition so far.  With the Pirates sitting on four the Jets needed to win an end to level the playing field and after an unsuccessful drive from Takarua, opportunity opened up for Katae, who secured the Jets two shots on the power play, again going into the final end drawn four all.  


Game two of the night was possibly the most important game of the competition with the Rockets meeting the Vipers. Both teams were tied on game wins and nett set points and both teams were looking to get out of the bottom three and out of relegation contention. 


The Vipers playing exceptionally well and were holding three going into the third end. Putting the pressure back on, the Rockets called their power play, gaining four shots over the Vipers thus, forcing the Vipers to play their power play end in the hopes of winning the first set.  


Skip Lisa White played some tight shots forcing Mike Galloway to drive.  Galloway was un able to capitalise on the drive and managed to knock his own teams’ bowls out of contention leaving it open for White and the Vipers to gain another shot for their power play end, finishing the set 10-4 to the Vipers and forcing the game to a tie-break.  


“It’s really intense you only have five ends in a set so you have to be on the ball all the time” Said Mike Galloway, who didn’t crack under pressure and drew an excellent bowl right next to the jack taking the Rockets from two down to one up. This put the pressure on the Vipers with White playing a little too long on the final bowl allowing the Rockets to take out the tie-break end 1-0 


The last game of the night had the Woodend Jets back on the green and prepared to get that win under their belt.  Up against the Gore Rams they played well however the Gore Rams just took out the first set 5-4.  


The Rams were looking to get back on form having lost their winning streak in the last few rounds. After drawing short on most of her bowls yesterday Ashleigh Jeffcoat started the game well with three bowls drawing right to the jack.  


Woodend changing up their line up again, Daryl Neate making his Bowls3Five debut and showing great form the Jets were not going to go down without a fight. The Rams were able to capitalise on their past experience playing the Jets and thought the Jets were showing form it did not faze the Rams who took out both sets 5-3, 5-3.  

Day 8 results
Point Chevalier Pirates v Woodend Jets 5-4, 6-4
Royal Oak Rockets v Stokes Valley Vipers 4-10, 4-3 (Rockets won the tie-breaker end 1-0)
Gore Rams v Woodend Jets 5-4, 5-3  


Standings after eight nights (update)  

Stoke Thunder 18  

Pt Chev Pirates 18
Gore Rams 15
Royal Oak Rockets 12
Stokes Valley Vipers 9
Woodend Jets 0  


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